Superintendence Committee

  • Arranges Five-Yearly Visits to congregation.
  • Supports the work of the Presbytery Safeguarding Contact and Presbytery Safeguarding Coordinator, informing Presbytery of changes in regulations, encouraging good practice, and promoting training organised within the bounds of Falkirk Presbytery for Kirk Sessions, Safeguarding coordinaters, Safeguarding Panel members and PVG members.
  • Deals with matters of discipline.
  • Arranges the annual attestation of Presbytery and Congregational records and refers any issues requiring follow-up, to the appropriate committee.
  • Responds to requests from ministers and deacons for Practising Certificates on their retirement and, on an annual basis, manages the issue of Practising Certificates to ministers and deacons within the bounds of or under the care of Presbytery.
  • Reports to Presbytery on all of these matters as required.